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Saturday, October 27, 2018


Aloha Everyone,

While our laundry was in the dryers, J.J. and I visited Brandon. He retired after working 34 years at IBM as a 
Systems Engineer. Brandon and his wife have a home in Colorado where he spends six months. The remainder, when it is cold, he stays at the KOA Sam’s Town RV Park in Las Vegas.

Brandon loves Hawaii and he hopes to find a suitable rental as he wishes to trade his Las Vegas desert winter home for a tropical paradise.

During my walks, I occasionally encounter Brandon riding his moped. He expresses his love for Hawaii by wearing T-shirts that have a Hawaiian design.

According to Brandon, his wife, who works in Colorado as an real estate attorney, does not want to retire. She joins Brandon by flying in one week every month. He sounded happy that she will be here for Thanksgiving.

The couple seem to have found a happy compromise wherein he can enjoy his retirement while she continues to remain active in her profession

Aloha -- Cathi