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Friday, November 15, 2019

Day 5 of Our 16-Days Road Trip

Aloha Everyone,

It took us a lot longer to acclimatize to the faster pace of California. After visiting my Mother, the two of us went to spend 10 days with our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter in La Jolla.

I had prepared a list containing items to do with our granddaughter. She in turn had her own list and both of us are grateful that, in spite of her busy schedule, we were able to scratch off at least 40% off from our lists.

Spending time with our granddaughter keeps me mentally sharp. There’s always something new, something exciting about her world. Our granddaughter was doing her school work and showed me how she learns geography of African countries using an app called:

Her Spanish language learning using a computer is also fast-paced, gives instant feedback, is entertaining and effective. Motivated by her progress in Spanish conversation, grammar and vocabulary, I am trying to increase the time I spend on Duolingo. It’s good to have a competition:-)

For relaxation, I taught her how to blow bubblegum while we sprawled on the floor with our sketchbooks drawing. She loves dragons and birds and it shows that she has been practicing. By the time we see each other again, I too will have sketches of fierce mythical creatures, mountains and oceans.

Taking care of Honu has to be factored in when we are back in the USA. J.J. replaced Honu’s battery, repaired a rock crack on Honu’s windshield, gave it a through cleaning, while I organized and cleaned the interior. Small space living requires that we get rid of excess items. Two nights ago, both of us slept soundly after living in hotels and AirBNB’s for nearly 4 months.

The two of us are back in Utah for our annual health check up. Will take a break from our blogging to catch up with personal correspondence.

Aloha -- Cathi