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Friday, May 1, 2020

Online Shopping

Aloha Everyone,

Friday is the weekly trash collection day in this neighborhood. It was interesting to note how many households are discarding cardboard boxes labeled Amazon Prime or Walmart.

Today many of us are limiting our time spent in supermarkets or grocery stores. Therefore online shoppings is an attractive alternative. There are numerous online shopping websites including “50 Best Online Shopping Websites in 2020.”

I made my first online shopping from Walmart. After getting a tutorial from my daughter-in-law, I was ready. Following my shopping list, I purchased a jar of vitamins, Celestial Seasonings Fruits Tea Samplers and 2 Hanes long sleeve T-shirts. Unfortunately, some items have minimum requirements. For example, I am getting 6 packages of tea. The good news is that after meetings a minimum order of $35, the items will delivered free of charge.

Happy May Day!   Also Happy Lei Day to our family and friends in Hawaii!

Aloha -- Cathi