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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Online Banking

Aloha Everyone,

Gone are the days when we drove to a bank to conduct our financial transactions.

It has taken J.J. a total of 5 hours over two days to settle about getting a cashiers check issued from our bank account.

Simply stated:
  1. We need to renew Honu’s vehicle registration.
  2. Our South Dakota representative, America’s Mailbox, requires that a cashiers check to be made out to Pennington County Treasurer, but mailed to America’s Mailbox so that the check can be physically delivered to Pennington County Treasurer.
  3. South Dakota is not under lockdown. Therefore, it is difficult for the clerk at America’s Mailbox to comprehend why we do not want to just run to our bank.
  4. After talking to 5 different representatives at Wells Fargo and a couple of “supervisors” J.J. thinks that the situation has been resolved.

We will find out when we receive the cashier’s check in the mail.  

I won’t subject you to the full details of steps 5-9 but one thing for certain, Coronavirus-19 pandemic is teaching us to remain calm and be patient.

Aloha -- Cathi