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Friday, July 31, 2020

Staying in Touch via FaceTime

Aloha Everyone,

Richard and Terttu are one of our longest and closet friends. We exchange photos and emails on a regular basis. Throughout the years, we have gotten together on various occasions.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, our topic of online discussions have been how we are doing while sheltering-in place. We did something more exciting tonight which we should have done long ago. We chatted via FaceTime. The ease of getting hold of people to do video calls is so simple if both parties have iPhones.

After agreeing on a mutually convenient time, we managed to get together. Fortunately, we agreed on an early time, for them at 9:00 am and for us 6:00 pm as our call lasted nearly an hour.

Just asking about each other’s children and grandchildren — they have 3 and 6, while J.J. and I have 2 and 1, took awhile.

From our experience not everyone likes to do video calls, but seeing faces with voices gives more intimacy and makes it so much more personal.

J.J. and I already do FaceTime calls with  some of our friends on a regular basis, but perhaps we should expand to others who also have iPhones.

Aloha -- Cathi