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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Daily Quigong Practice

Aloha Everyone,

I found a perfect spot to do my morning quigong practice at the onset of my daily walk. The location is within our gated community with tall Cypress trees reaching towards the sky.

The Quigong master I studied from in Hawaii, kept on emphasizing that, Quigong is not a religion. It is a system combining breathing, meditation, body posture and movement.

Quigong traces its ancient root to China. The ideal time to practice Quigong is early morning when the air is fresh and energy sources are strong. You can get Qui from external (things that surround you) and internal (comes from the nourishment you consume.) Humans, animals, trees, plants and all living things have Qui, life energy. Until you have learned to convert negative energy to positive, be sure to focus on people, animals and environment that offers positive Qui.

For those of us who are also students of yoga, Tai’chi and meditation, the concept of Qui is also incorporated in their teachings.

Aloha -- Cathi