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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Getting a Manicure and a Pedicure

Aloha Everyone,

We selected online three possible nail salons this morning. Number one criteria is if there is a large enough parking stall for Honu to occupy.

Second criteria, and just as important, is its appearance. Is the place clean and how about the people working?

Lovely Naul & Spa is located in Torrance inside a large shopping complex with Von’s as its anchor tenant. This was not the typical nail salons J.J. and I were pampered In places such as Ecuador, Greece and Mexico.

Lovely Nail & Spa is truly an American enterprise catered to middle class working Americans. At a glance, the size of the room and number of people was impressive. J.J. counted roughly 18 pedicure reclining chairs with foot baths and 24 manicure tables. He called it, “mass production.”

Our wait was no more than 10 minutes, total of time we spent was about 20-30 minutes. Each operator scribbled a bill with price according to services rendered and signed the slip of paper. We gave each of the 4 women very generous tips. We then took the 4 slips of paper to the front desk and settled our bill.

It was time efficient. All 4 women were from Vietnam. No small talks as the women spoke limited English. They were well trained and professional. So, J.J.’s reference as “Mass Production’” might be appropriate.

Aloha -- Cathi