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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Honu’s 15,000 Miles Check

Aloha Everyone,

It’s not just our health maintenance checks, but we had also deferred Honu’s maintenance due to the COVID Pandemic.

The service rep found our prior service record and began by taking photos of Honu’s exterior from 4 different angles using her iPad. When I asked for the reason, she confirmed that it’s done to avoid any claims by owners that there were no prior scratches. Apparently, some owners try to get free body works done.

Changing oil, filter and other minor items totaled $400. The amount is about 50% higher than non-Mercedes Benz service but two other oil change places, including JiffyLube, declined due to no replacement parts.

Per our verbal conversation with the service rep who assisted us, new vehicles purchased in 2022 seems to have issues. Reasons are vehicles remained parked on dry, hot, uncovered pier lots before delivery and sales. These vehicles are coined “COVID cars” and they discouraged buyers in 2022.

The maintenance service business is doing very well as owners are repairing rather than purchasing new cars. She also mentioned that this particular Mercedes Benz service location had 43 mechanics. At the COVID surge, a large number were furloughed. When things settled and mechanics were called back, some had moved away or moved onto other jobs. Currently they are left with only 17 mechanics.

The sales and service department offices were empty. I did my one mile walk in the corridors.

Aloha -- Cathi