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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Aloha Everyone,

This morning we met dear friends, Larry, Maureen and Cole who came to see us to give us hugs and wish us a bon voyage.  We've known Cole since he was just a toddler.  I remember him to be a precocious little boy who impressed me with using such grown-up expression as, "Daddy, I hear distant sounds at equal intervals..."  

Today's activities included seeing a condominium unit with Jeff for one of our Canadian clients.  Jeff parked his car at the zoo parking lot and we walked about 1.3 miles each way. We felt the Hawaiian blessing of light shower and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I had to converse with Jeff. 

Lunch at Sakura Restaurant.  This is one of our favorite Japanese Restaurants in Honolulu,

This afternoon, we had our glimpse of what our RV life would include -- a laundromat. After being on the "road" for 11 days, we had accumulated clothes to wash. When you have your own laundry room, you don't think of the cost associated with washing clothes. We found the Ala Moana Hotel  launderette located on the 6th floor of the hotel. The cost was $1.25 for soap, $2.75 for washing machine and $2.50 for drying.  For two loads, we paid a total of $13.

Tomorrow is our final full day in Honolulu. There are a list of things we would like to accomplish prior to our departure at 4:00 am on Tuesday, but most of all, J.J. and I like to savor the island life-style, perfect weather and the aloha spirits of the people of Hawaii.

Aloha -- Cathi