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Monday, April 21, 2014

A Hui Hou Hawaii

Aloha Everyone,

As we packed up our suitcases for our flight out tomorrow morning to San Francisco, I have been pondering on the proverb, "Every end is a new beginning." I am not saying, "Goodbye" to my family and friends but rather, a hui hou or until we meet again.

It is challenging to stay in the present moment.  I talked about it often in our Kundalini Yoga and meditation class. Inhale, exhale, stay present with myself.  I am becoming mindful, aware of whatever is happening right now and not think about what would happen when we land in San Francisco tomorrow.  It also helps me focus when I chant Ganesh mantra.  <Click here for link to my yoga blog>

Our day began with simple breakfast of coffee and Greek yogurt at Starbucks in Ala Moana with our dear friends George and Lena.

We had lunch at Phuket Thai <click here for weblink to their website> with Sharon, another one of our close friends, after she drove us to complete our last minute errands. Sorry, but we didn't take any photographs of the vegetarian dishes that we ate.  The food was excellent, as always, but not very photogenic.

Our son Jeff came by to "hang out" with us and we walked across from our hotel to the harbor to watch sailboats. It was the quintessential image of Ala Wai Boat Harbor as the evening was setting.

Here is a souvenir photo of Jeff and Cathi

I am listening to Hawaii Aloha sang by Bruddah Iz, my favorite song which I know when I hear it anywhere on the mainland, I will experience "chicken skin" and plan my return trip to Hawaii.

Here is the link if you can't view the video:

A Hui Hou Everyone!

Aloha -- Cathi