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Friday, April 25, 2014

Onward to La Jolla!

Aloha Everyone,

Began our morning with my usual healthy breakfast at La Quinta Inn in Bishop where we spent the night.

Highlight of our day was a stopping at the Alabama Hills reachable from the Lone Pine off the route 395. Historically, before the arrival of Euro-Americans, this area was used as a focal point for Native American ceremony and subsistence activities. J.J. and I had a chance to take a portrait of our RV. I also did a yoga asana and felt in balance with the nature. <Click here to read about the Alabama Hills>

This land is under the Bureau of Land Management, one of the Federal agencies where J.J. and I will be volunteering. When I mentioned our pending assignment to the U.S. ranger who provided us map and information, he got very excited. He especially was interested in being able to access areas that are closed to public and asked if he could tag along. His offered to come along did not last too long when he found out that when we say "volunteer:, it means non-compensated work. :-)
Drove on the highway where warning signs were flashing indicating that the wind was 50 mph. I could tell that J.J. had to be in full concentration and focus on his driving as our RV was being buffeted by the strong wind. Continuous wide-open country, spotting, cattle, horses, lamb, California Hawk, hare but no cats or dogs. One of the interesting sights was the solar farm generating energies for California consumers.

Our lunch break happened when the traffic came to a halt for a freighter train to cross the highway. We counted over 100 cars and it took a good 7 minutes to clear the track. We spotted a 1950's style drive-in diner on the side of the road so J.J. quickly turned into the parking lot. It looked like a mom and pop operation but the service was friendly and the hamburger was unexpectedly excellent. I could only eat less than 1/2 as most restaurants' portions tend to be too large for me. A nice touch was the truck polishing service located in the adjacent lot called "Reyes Truck Polishing"

Just completed our 2nd full day of travel in our RV. We are loving every moments.

Aloha -- Cathi