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Friday, April 18, 2014

Last Day at Sea and the Na Pali Coastline

Aloha Everyone,

You live a pampered life on board a cruise ship. The main decisions you have to make is where and what to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This morning I had Greek yogurt with fresh cranberries, an assortment of stewed fruits and brown oatmeal muffin plus coffee and water.

Sherween, our cabin steward made our stay comfortable.  Taken here with one of his "towel animals".

Travis, one of the servers at the Aloha Cafe showed us to tip your chair to indicate to other servers that the place is being occupied.

For some passengers, this was where they spent most of the day and night. 

Philip, responsible for maintaining all of the outdoor deck areas with Bartolomeu who was in charge of issuing pool towels.

Dramatic cliffs of the Napali Coast was the highlight of this cruise. The are so close yet so far away.

J.J. and I conversed with a litigation attorney as we sailed along this amazing coastline.  He was not too keen about going back to New York.

Aloha -- Cathi