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Friday, March 18, 2016

World's Largest Touring Tent On I-405

Aloha Everyone,

I-405 San Diego Freeway is a familiar road for J.J. and me as we've often commute between my Mother's house and our son's place. It is a nondescript freeway with cities. hills, farms along the way. However recently, we noticed a huge tent-like structure as we approached Irvine.  Moving at 65 - 70 mph, I haven't been able to capture decent images until today. 

This temporary tent structure Is the venue of “Odysseo,” a Cirque du Soleil-like production which features 65 horses. Additionally, there are 48 performers consisting of riders, musicians, acrobats, aerialists and dancers.

According to a press release by the “Odysseo,” producer, the White Big Top is 125-foot-tall making it the world’s largest touring tent and covers an area of the size of a NFL field. Though this production is not really our cup of tea, it would be interesting to see the "White Big Top" up close.

Much mahalo for your greetings to J.J.  We had a lovely dinner at home (filet mignon and vegetable salad, fresh fruits). He especially loved our family chorus led by our granddaughter. Here is J.J. blowing candles on the mini cheese cakes.

Aloha -- Cathi