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Friday, March 4, 2016

Return To San Antonio, TX

Aloha Everyone,

J.J. and I are back in San Antonio, TX. We explored this city nearly 42 years ago on our very first driving trip across the USA. We were on our way to Europe where we spent 7 months traversing the continent. We've been by-passing most major cities as their narrower and crowded streets are challenging to navigate with Honu.

We are staying at KOA San Antonio. It is one of the best commercial RV parks. This franchisee received the KOA 2015 Campground Of The Year award.

We had lunch at the La Playa seafood restaurant just a 1/2 mile drive from KOA. Everyone was speaking in rapid Spanish which is very different from Spanish spoken in Ecuador or in Spain. From the menu selections and some words being pronounced, J.J. thinks that staff are a mix of Hondurans and Mexicans.

Roxie is an impressive 10 years old Great Pyrenees. Her owner, Chuck explained that Great Pyrenees are a solitary animal and they are used as sheep dog because their body shape and the color of their coat resembles sheep. Chuck and his wife are full-time RVer. Interesting thing about Chuck is that he runs a virtual advertising agency and he is a videographer and business consultant. Chuck told us that he communicates in advance with potential clients prior to arrival.  Very interesting! 

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Aloha -- Cathi