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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

To Lotdsburg, New Mexico

Aloha Everyone,

Gorgeous weather! Clear, blue sky and no pollution! El Paso looked inviting and alluring. But now that we are on schedule to return to California before Sunday, I was satisfied with appreciating the passing scenery including the University of Texas El Paso architecture.

Back to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Following a recommendation of the New Mexico tourism information volunteer, we stopped at the Historic Town of Mesilla. Andele Restaurant has no curb appeal. The building actually looks like a budget motel. The spacious parking lot was getting full and it was only 30 minutes to noon.

J.J. ordered their specialty of mixed plate but I chose a simple burrito filled with beef and potato stew which was excellent.

Whenever we dine in a restaurant, I always request for a very hot cup of water with wedges of lemon. Sometime I get a plateful of lemon and on other occasions, just a thin slice.

Our server, Raul was very kind and attentive and offered me a second cup of hot water and more lemon without my asking for them. He was also curious and interested in our travels. He wants to travel. We gave him a few ideas on how to travel and get paid. One example is working for a cruise ship.

J.J. and I wished him well in pursuit of his dreams and happiness.

Honu got a good car wash and cleaning to get rid of the accumulated dirt and remains of bugs and insects.

Lordsburg KOA is still operating as a KOA franchise. Powerful hot shower is always welcome. The temperature is expected to go down to 37.

Here is an interesting contraption devised by a tent camper.

Aloha -- Cathi