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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Oyster Creek Park & Cooking Up A Home-Made Dinner

Aloha Everyone,

Oyster Creek Park is just a short drive from the home of Ria and Rene. It is one of their favorite places to go for exercises. There is a bike trail, picnic areas and amphitheater for special presentations and of course, a wonderful walking trail. I had my binoculars and iPhone around my neck, and I tagged along. Ria pointed out wild blackberry bushes full of flowers.

Thanks to Don & Sharon from Galveston, I now recognize the singing of cardinals before I have a sighting. The most exciting was a crane that seemed to be drying his wings in the sun.

Rest of the day was spent all working on individual tasks at hand until it was a dinner time. J.J. went out with them to purchase steaks.

Here is J.J. grilling the meat. I made a vegetable and fruits salad while Ria made a side dish consisting of red cargo  rice, white rice and quinoa. Red cargo rice added the color while quinoa contributed to the nutty-like taste and crunchy full body. Delicious!

Aloha -- Cathi