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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Hot Spring KOA/Outstanding After Service

Aloha Everyone,

KOA (Kanpground of America) has over 500 locations in North America. Some of them are company-owned while others are franchises. J.J. and I frequent KOA when visiting an unfamiliar area. In general, we receive very good service, but today J.J. and I experienced what can only be described as outstanding after service.

J.J.’s driver license expires on his birthday, March 18. South Dakota allows residents to renew online. J.J. gathered all required documents, had them notarized at AAA Torrance office and forwarded them via email to the Department of Motor Vehicle in South Dakota. The official response was prompt. The message informed him one document was missing, a copy of a receipt from a lodging establishment to confirm that we were in South Dakota within the last 12 months. The attached credit card statement was insufficient.

We normally do not keep receipts. The two of us were seriously considering other options including driving in wintry weather to South Dakota so that J.J. could renew his license in person.  

We telephoned and Suzanne from Hot Springs KOA returned the call. She found the information regarding our stay; prepared a receipt; emailed copies to JJ and to South Dakota DMV. The new license was mailed the same day and a printable temporary permit issued just in case there was a mail delivery delay.

Suzanne’s quick response helped us avoid driving more than 1,000 mile in wintry weather. Most KOA campgrounds offer good service. What makes Suzanne at Hot Springs KOA exceptional is her outstanding after service.

I plan to renew my license within 6 months of its expiration. J.J. and I would definitely stay at Hot Springs KOA and thank Suzanne again in person. This will be during the summer when South Dakota is absolutely beautiful.

Aloha -- Cathi