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Thursday, March 14, 2019

New in California

Aloha Everyone,

There are agricultural inspection stations whenever we enter California. This morning, a young inspector approached Honu and asked, “Are you in possession of any out of state agricultural commodities?” With a straight face, J.J. replied, “Yes, fruits and vegetables we purchased in a supermarket.” Such a formal questioning was new to us. By the way, we are always stopped because of our South Dakota plates.

Valley Wells is the first rest stop located along the I-15 corridor after Nevada. Today, when I went out to stretch my legs, I was welcomed by newly renovated facilities. Attractive, informative signage, a couple of large binoculars and a sundial also kept me busy. Instead of a 10 minutes break, I extended to 30 minutes of a serious walk. Our stop gave J.J. time for a nap in Honu.

Golden-colored California poppies in the Lake Elsinore area covered the East side of hills. The bright, colorful, captivating flowers were arresting. So many motorists heading East bound stopped on the freeway shoulder to admire the super bloom. Some walked out and were climbing a nearby hill to get a birds eye view.

Our drive to Temecula was extended by an hour because traffic in the bloom areas was slow, but it definitely was worth it.

Aloha -- Cathi