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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Making of Blockbuster Films

Aloha Everyone,

When we hear the word “blockbuster” we usually associate it with Hollywood produced movies with large budgets. They can also win big at the box office. Often these movies feature one or more “stars” who could typically generate their own followings as a guarantee to attract audiences.

The average cost to produce a feature film range from $90 to $150 million. But James Cameron’s Avatar, the highest grossing films of all time internationally had a $425 million budget.

The latest Marvel film, Captain Marvel had its world premiere in London on February 27, 2019. On March 8th, the movie was theatrically released in the United States. This $175 million film has grossed over $595 million worldwide, making it the second highest grossing film so far this year. While it is based on comic strip characters, J.J. and I found all the hype disappointing. The story line was weak and obvious. The ending is a preparation for a sequel.

With 8 of the 18 Sam’s Town theaters showing Captain Marcel, the advertising, marketing and promotion and availability has a strong influence on the box office sales.  The only thing missing was the production of a quality film.

Aloha -- Cathi