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Friday, August 21, 2020

Life in Bubbles

Aloha Everyone,

Some of us are observing Sheltering -in-Place and social distancing far more seriously than others. To some, these terms merely mean going out to COSTCO and grocery stores during the hours when less people are shopping. To them, using masks are choice and they would only wear one while they are in public and in proximity of other individuals who are talking with their mouths covered. One can only hope that most people will take the advice by CDC seriously.

The NBA (National Basketball Association’s concept of playoffs and finals would be all done in Orlando, Florida. It seems to be working. Having all participants from players, coaches, trainers to hotel employees tested and quarantined, with daily follow-up tests, show that if done correctly, spreading of COVID-19 pandemic can be controlled.

Some isolated holiday destinations eager to entice vacationers back are also considering “bubble-living“ it would be too early for J.J. and me to look into such possibilities, but given the fact some countries are doing far better than the home front, it might be an interesting and doable option in months to come.

Aloha -- Cathi