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Sunday, February 7, 2021

2021 COVID-19 Super Bowl

Aloha Everyone,

Americans are adaptable. We are also resourceful. So with COVID-19 still surging, Super Bowl 2021 looked different from the all other previous Super Bowls.

Less spectators in the stadium. Where in 2009, Super Bowl 43 had 70,774 attendees with expanded seating, today it was limited to 25,000 including healthcare workers and families of the players.

Entry fees were waived.

The NFL gave out gift bags with N95 face masks. Everyone, unless a player was on the field, was wearing their mask.

Stadium had placed cut out figures to fill the seats. For a fee,  I believe $100, they printed a photo submitted, as if you are one of the spectators.

To compensate for the smaller crowd size, sounds of cheering were amplified. Of course this is nothing new in show business. The television producer and editor have their hands in controlling “audience participation.”

J.J. enjoyed the game. He likes Tom Brady and was happy that Brady showed his worth to his former team, the New England Patriots. It was also a dream come true for Tampa Bay Buccaneers for winning the Super Bowl with their new quarterback.  

Overall, this year’s Super Bowl is another event most of us will remember as during the year of the Covid

Aloha -- Cathi