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Thursday, February 18, 2021

TED Talk “What Makes a Good Life” - By Dr. Robert Waldinger

Aloha Everyone,

This segment of TED Talk is a “must watch”.  Dr. Waldinger outlines 3 points on what keeps us healthy & happy as we go through life. This research is based on a Harvard Study of Adult Development which for 75 years, they tracked 750 men.

Results of findings are:
  1. Good relationship keeps us happy & healthy
  2. Benefit of social connections to family, friends and community 
  3. Quality of good relationship
  4. Good relationship also protects our mind 

Good life is not about wealth, fame or hard work 

Hope you can take a few moments to watch this short video TED Talk “What Makes a Good Life” By Dr Robert Waldinger

Aloha -- Cathi