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Friday, April 2, 2021

Megalodon & Black Cat

Aloha Everyone,

Several months ago, I asked my four grandnephews what is their favorite animal. The two younger ones, 12 and 13 asked me why do I want to know. My intention then was to make a hand drawn Christmas cards.

Megalodon, the largest known predator in Earth’s history had interesting information as well as scale models and drawings to get me started.

The Black Cat, requested by the youngest of the 4 boys had to be Eevee, one of his pets. Here I received photos from my sister but all of them were side views, behind a screen door or outdoor rolling on the lawn. However, I was able to find out some interesting facts about Black cats in general.

I am a bird person. I also love drawing landscapes, seascapes, trees, flowers and historical architectural buildings.

Keeping my mind open and taking this as a learning opportunity, I was able to finish two drawings in a total of three hours not counting my research time.

I am thankful that my repertoire of drawing animals have expanded just a little.

Aloha -- Cathi