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Monday, December 20, 2021

Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz

Aloha Everyone,

Dave, the customer service department representative only works with clients who own Mercedes Benz Sprinter models. It was very apparent that Dave knows Sprinters and was efficient in giving us an overview of services required and its integration with the mandatory recall. 

By afternoon, Dave telephoned to get verbal approval from J.J. to proceed with the repairs which we will have to pay.  I am pleased that JJ’s decision to drive to Henderson to have Honu serviced worked out. At the additional cost of $3,586.00, we now have a peace of mind and ability to use Honu as a camper in the future.

Fletchers Jones family, according to their website also own several dealerships of European premium brand cars including Alfa Romero, Audi, BMW, and Ferrari.

As a customer service package, Fletcher Jones family also employ drivers for complimentary pick up to and from the dealership to your hotel, home or airport.

Aloha -- Cathi