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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Turkish Airlines

Aloha Everyone,

J.J. and I were impressed with the inflight service we received on our Turkish Airlines flight from Athens to Istanbul then to Los Angeles. In lieu of First Class, our flight from Istanbul to Los Angeles had two Business class sections.

Highlights of inflight services included a flight attendant coming to introducing herself and to inform us that she is assigned to us to make sure that our flying experience is comfortable. We counted six flight attendants in our section while occupancy rate was 60%. There were actually 3 full meal services. We were served breakfast during our flight from Athens to Istanbul. In less than two hours, the speed and care they employed to offer drinks, appetizers, main course, beverages was impressive.

From Istanbul to Los Angeles, during our 16 hours flight, we had the option of sleeping full length on our reclining chairs.  

Hope my photos would give some indication on the quality of foods we were pampered with having two chefs on board taking orders and serving main courses.

Turkish Airlines flight attendants all spoke flawless international English, Turkish and one or more regional languages. A little girl traveling with her parents exclaimed “oh that’s me” when she heard the inflight announcement, “Ladies and gentlemen and dear children.” Her reaction was precious.

J.J. and I are now curious about Turkish Airlines’ other destination cities.

Aloha - C