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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Wet & Windy Weather

Aloha Everyone,

Most counties in California have been suffering from lack of rain. But when the rain came pouring down, accompanied by a chilly north wind, we seek for the comfort of a warm sun. 

From my experience, there will usually be breaks during a rainy day. Determined to get my minimum daily walk, I went out with a windbreaker and an umbrella.

This was overall a productive day. J.J. and I emailed our prescription renewal requests to our PCP at Scripps. Doctors, nurses and other health providers as well as hospitals are overwhelmed in dealing with the ongoing Delta variants, vaccination and booster shots plus now Omicron.

With assistances from the Scripps medical team and Walmart Pharmacy, J.J. and I were able to refill our prescriptions for the next 3 months.

We witnessed a stunning and breathtaking sunset lasting 7 minutes during our drive back to the hotel.

Aloha -- Cathi