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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Dogs, Cats & Avian Friends

Aloha Everyone,

In Istanbul, you see dog and cat houses on streets and in the parks, allowing animals temporary shelters. There are feeding stations nearby.

We see quite a number of huge dogs roaming around in the open areas surrounding the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia. They often run in packs, sleep on the grassy areas and sing along when they hear calls for prayers.

These dogs are most old and we wonder if their owners have discarded them. Some organization must be caring for these canines. Each has a yellow ear tag monitor. Automated dog food dispensers are located within the historical areas. passerby use 1 lira coins to dispense dehydrated dog food.

Crows and seagulls are seen occupying rooftops of mosques. Day old bread left on a ancient archaeological site is one of the popular places where seagulls come to feast.

Aloha -- Cathi