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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Hagia Sofia Grand Mosque

Aloha Everyone,

Hagia Sofia Grand Mosque, formerly Church of Holy Wisdom is a magnificent structure with hues of pink, yellow ochre and orange that changes with the weather.

Hagia Sofia has withstood a violent history. It started as a Byzantine Christian Church (369-1204, 1261-1453), then a Catholic Cathedral 1204-1262), and Muslim Mosque (1453-1931). Today, it’s considered both a Mosque and Islamic museum.

The two of us arrived at Hagia Sofia entrance in the late afternoon. While J.J. decided to wait for me in the inner walled area of the mosque, I placed a scarf over my head and stepped over the shiny and slippery stone threshold polished by worshippers and visitors.

As I stood gazing at the ornate walls and ceilings, the 2 hours prior to the sunset call for prayers was broadcasted. Hearing it in the dome of the mosque where sound reverberated was a spiritual experience. However as in the Blue Mosque, the stale air, smell of humanity gave me a headache.

Aloha -- Cathi