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Monday, May 16, 2022

Istanbul’s Street Food

Aloha Everyone,

Chestnuts - for 20 liras ($1.34), we usually get 7-8 chestnut of assorted sizes. The quality is hit and miss. So far out of 6 purchases, we got two good batches. Often, they are over roasted, and the outer shells are burned.

Bagels - Very popular snack item for locals and tourists. There are several varieties. Some are sliced open and served with chocolate hazelnut spread.

Tempting but there are no sanitary procedures for Bagel vendors. They handle money and food using bare hands.  The cost is 3.5 liras for an enormous whole wheat bagel. J.J. and I passed by a pastry shop and paid 4 liras ($.27) for the same item. The shop keeper, wearing a mask, used a tong to pick up a piece, placed it in a paper bag, then handed it to me in a plastic bag.

Corn on the Cobb - another very popular snack items in Istanbul. Vendors are everywhere. Corns are placed in a large kettle to boil. Once boiled, they are placed on a metal plate to grill. The problem is that many are burned. So that the corn would be photographically pleasing, J.J. asked for one from the pot. The salesman looked puzzled, but he shook a generous amount of salt on before finalizing the sale.

As you can see, the corn looks delicious, but J.J. said that it had no taste except for the salt and it was inedible. He wasn’t the only one who discarded the corn. I saw a woman offering hers to a crow which gladly grabbed it. J.J. paid 10 lira (US$.67) for his contribution to the local corn economy.

Aloha -- Cathi