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Monday, September 19, 2022

Uncertain Reign of King Charles, Commonwealth, British Economy

Aloha Everyone,

Death comes to all.  For some, they are sudden. Queen Elizabeth’s final day has been long anticipated. Even as a lay person, we learned that her funeral was planned over a decade ago with up to minute details which the Queen herself approved.

There will be numerous changes that are taking places. From new British Prime Minister, the British National Anthem, printed money and coins, official flags to name a few.

There are still 56 countries in 6 continents that are part of the Commonwealth including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and Caribbean countries.

King Charles’ relocating to Buckingham Palace means up to 100 employees that were employed at his former residence could all potentially lose their jobs.

For most of us losing one’s Mother, grandmother is a private affair. To be under minute public scrutiny, unkind rumors and opinions is uncalled for. One should, irregardless of one’s personal feelings, respect the departed and show kindness and compassion to those who are left to deal with their own pain and suffering.

Aloha -- Cathi