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Friday, March 10, 2023

The Reyes Family Tree

Aloha Everyone,

Over a leisurely lunch, I questioned Maricar and Marina trying to fill in the blank spaces of The Reyes Family Tree which Detsy had helped me get started.

J.J. and I are just focusing on our generation since we are now the elders of the Family. There are 8 siblings, including J.J. who is among the younger one half.

Going over the number of children, grandchildren, their names took most of our time between eating. 

Marina, Maricar’s 6th child out of 10 is the accomplished chef I’ve previously mentioned. Marina spent a couple of weeks last winter in Spain and France as a part of a mission to serve in Lourdes. This year, she is again planning to join her aunts and extend her travels to Italy including Rome and Florence. Marina is not a casual tourist. With her intense focus and passion on food, we can imagine how this travel will further develop her culinary skills.

Aloha -- Cathi