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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Anime Fan Con at Glorietta Ayala Mall

Aloha Everyone,

Mostly in their preteen to thirty something, Anime Fans were there to see and to be seen. On the first day of Anime Fan Con, we heard loud cheers and clapping. Coming out of the nail salon, J.J. and I saw about a half dozen people dressed in costumes of Anime character. They seemed willing to pose for photographs but heard no exchange of conversations.

The following day, on our way to a supermarket, the two of us made a detour so I can go down to the mall center to get a closer look.  As you can see, there were souvenir shops of t-shirts, trinkets, flags, plastic swords and food. The entire Anime Fan Con is a big moneymaker for the organizers.

Behind bleached skin and long eye concealing wigs, these participants were faceless and nameless. Similar to adults having taken over children Halloween costume parties, Anime Fan Con attracts older, young at heart.

Aloha -- Cathi