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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Amazing & Fantastic Decade - First Installment

Aloha Everyone,

Honu means Turtle in Hawaiian.  Our granddaughter came up with the name. Honu’s shell is home, the turtle travels long distances and it has a long life.  Honu sheltered us in all sorts of weather and gave us a place of “home” to return.

After a decade, I am going through our photos making selections of wonderful places we’ve visited and interesting people JJ and I met.

Unfortunately, I started with a Samsung mobile phone.  With no iCloud to store, my photos only go back several years.

This photo was taken with JJ’s non-digital camera.  Very first “official photo” at Lone Pine.

Coastal drive in Northern Oregon.

Nova Scotia, Canada

Yoga class I taught in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Bryce Canyon. One of 5 Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks.

Visiting my Mother’s aunt in Japan.

Traveling with my Mother, photo taken by JJ in the city of Himeji.

My volunteer yoga and meditation class in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Our nephew’s wedding in Honolulu.

Portrait of Honu in Great Divide National Park in Utah.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument, AZ

Antelope Canyon, AZ

Jeff & Jenny, Honolulu, HI

Budapest, Hungary

With my Mother, CA circa 2014

My Mother, July 2016

My Mother’s birthday celebration, Aug 2016

Artena, Italy Circa 2016

Visiting our friends, Artena Italy Circa 2016

Agata in Artena, Italy, Circa September 2016

Castella, Rome, Italy, Circa September 2016

Venice, Italy, circa September 2016

Venice, Italy, Circa September 2016

Etching by Niké Borghese

Our granddaughter circa 2016

Visiting the Philippines Circa 2015

With Terttu, one oldest & closest friend, Terttu circa 2015

Jeff & Jenny on ferry in Seattle, WA

Entry to Parador, Cuenca, Spain, Circa 2016

View of Toledo, Spain, Circa 2016

Alhambra, Granada, Spain, Circa 2016

Avila, Spain, Circa 2016

JJ’s classmates, Eddy and Tony in Madrid, Spain, Circa 2016

Aloha -- Cathi