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Monday, May 23, 2016

Exploring The Castle District

Aloha Everyone,

Budapest is divided into 6 main areas: West of the Danube are North of the Castle District, Castle District, Gellért Hill and Tabán. East of the Danube, the districts are called Around Parliament, Central Pest and Around Várisliget.  

(Map courtesy of DK Eyewitness Travel book)

This morning we visited the Castle District. The two of us walked Buda's Old Town to the top of the hill where Mátyás Church named after Mátyás Corvinus stands. Destroyed by invasions and wars, the present church was last restored in 1873-96 in the Neo-Gothic style. It is an arresting architecture with soaring towers and an ornate roof decorated with striking orange and turquoise colored glazed tiles. Truly a photographers' and artists' delight!

We found Fishermen's Bastion just a few steps away from Mátyás Church. According to our guidebook, these beautiful conical towers never played any defensive roles. From the terraces facing the Danube we enjoyed panoramic views of Buda and Pest. I took numerous photos to use as references for my sketches.

A violinist was giving performance to visitors. J.J. dropped coins in his violin case while I took photos. A rather insensitive and ungracious tourist stood right behind the violinist continuously filming his performance.  

Our last tourist attraction on a Hop On Hop Off bus was Citadel. This fortification located on top of Gellért Hill was built after the suppression of the Hungarian Revolution in 1848. It is a symbol of the city. Today we saw couples and families relaxing and enjoying the peaceful landscape  away from the noise of the city below.

Aloha -- Cathi