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Monday, May 30, 2016

Hungarian Language, People & Goulash

Aloha Everyone,
We heard that Hungarian is one of the hardest languages to learn. It is the direct descendant of a language spoken by the Huns. Finnish (Suomi) and Estonian (Eesti keel) are related to Hungarian. Here is my very limited vocabulary I've been using every day.
Köszönöm (Curse-a-nem) - Thank you 
Igen (Ee-gan) - Yes
Nem (Nem) - No
Szia (See-ah) - Hello
And my favorite!
Hogy vagy? (Hodge vodge) - How are you?
Hungary is located in the Carpathian Basin and landlocked by 7 neighboring countries: Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Austria. Therefore, it is difficult to ascertain by one's feature who is ethnic Hungarian. Many are handsome men and women and they seem physically fit. They walk fast-paced often chatting on their mobile phones. We also noticed young parents being very affectionate and attentive to their children.

Goulash is Hungary's national dish. The soup always includes paprika, onions, and some meat, usually beef, pork or lamb. Each year, Hungarians consume more than 1.10 lbs. of paprika. 

Hungarians also call red peppers "paprika" and they are widely used in different dishes. I read that red peppers are excellent source of Vitamin C. After enjoying  this spicy dish in five different Hungarian specialty restaurants, I've become a bit of connoisseur of goulash :-)   Here is our dinner tonight. J.J.'s fried pike with potatoes and my peppery grilled vegetables and goulash. Yum!

Aloha -- Cathi