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Friday, September 1, 2017

On Route to California

Aloha Everyone,

For the past 15 days, I have been enjoying a multitude of wildflowers in an assortment of colors. Their tender blossoms catching the early morning sunlight have been an absolute delight.

Perhaps, because this was to be my last morning walk of this particular paths, what caught my eyes are the blossoms that have passed their prime. Their petals were drooping while their stigmas stood tall and proud, reminding me of Fez hats with glorious colorful Moroccan folk costumes of full skirts.

Lunch at Texas Roadhouse in Flagstaff. J.J. had a 1/2 portion of BBQ ribs plus Cesar salad and I chose a mixed salad and 6 oz sirloin.

Flagstaff to Seligman was a 2 hours drive.

Had to forgo my evening walk due to unexpected thunder, wind and rain. J.J. and I also deferred eating dinner at the highly recommended Roadkill Cafe. We dined in Honu.

Aloha -- Cathi