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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Spain, Our Next Destination

Aloha Everyone,

Our next international travel destination is Spain. The two of us will be leaving for Barcelona on October 3rd and returning to California on November  25th.  

One of the major items on our "pre-departure things to do list" was to secure a place to park Honu for 2 months. Over the phone, all prospective RV storage places informed us that they have no vacancy. The solution J.J. and I came up was to visit Marina Boat & RV Storage in person.

Manuel (left) and Nery's response when we walked into their office was the same. No vacancy, call us next Saturday and maybe somebody has moved their boat or RV. Not to be easily dismissed, we engaged them in small talks. We mentioned about our coming trip to Spain. Nery told us that they would like a T-Shirt of the Barcelona Soccer Team. I  asked their sizes and we promised to bring back T-shirts if they could find space for Honu. Another computer search and a vacant space was quickly located. The cost for 2 months storage is $400.

Aloha -- Cathi