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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Time to Upgrade My iPhone

 Aloha Everyone,

My iPhone is an integral part of my daily life. I use it everyday to make and receive phone calls, to write and receive text messages and emails, do FaceTime, to read news, and to take on-line classes. I listen to meditation music and play online games. J.J. and I also use it to make appointments, make purchases and payments, to search for information and for Honu's navigation.

Most of the time, my iPhone is in a leather pouch worn around my neck so it is easily accessible to take photos for our daily blog. Yes, I use notepad of my iPhone for writing.

So to upgrade my iPhone 5s to a later model is a serious decision. I am comfortable with Apple but also exploring options of other mobile device. Visiting the Apple Store at the University Town Centre in La Jolla with our son gave me ideas on what might be in store for me in terms of models, features and costs.

Any suggestion and input are welcome and appreciated.

Aloha -- Cathi