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Friday, September 29, 2017

Anti-Theft Backpack

Aloha Everyone,

J.J. ordered a small backpack from Pacsafe. The bag has several features that are anti theft. The material used 
Is slash-resistant. There are slash guards built into the fabric so the bag cannot be cut by a razor blade. The adjustable straps are enforced with stainless steel wire.  his prevents thieves from cutting the strap to steal your bag. You can loop the strap around a leg chair. A special weave prevents stealing microchip data from your credit cards.

I’ve had my Pacsafe shoulder bag for nearly 10 years. I use it everyday and as my granddaughters says, “You carry everything in it. If I need a pencil and paper, you have them. If I need a snack, hand wipe or water, you also carry them.”

I believe J.J.’s new backpack will serve him well, too.

Aloha -- Cathi