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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

ArtCenter College of Design & Rose Parade

Aloha Everyone,

My Mother reminded me that J.J. and I still had some boxes stored in her garage closet. One contained black and white prints from his Art Center days.

J.J. and I met at ArtCenter College of Design, a small private school founded in 1930. When we were students, the school already enjoyed an international reputation in the fields of art, photography, automotive design, and film production. Small classes were taught by successful professionals in their fields. With a Bachelor or Master's degree from ArtCenter, your professional career got a huge jump start.

The Tournament of Roses, more widely known as the Rose Parade is held in Pasadena, California. The first parade was on January 1, 1890. It has become the major New Year celebration event in America. The parade's main attractions are floats covered with fresh cut roses interspersed with marching bands from around the country. The day culminates with the Rose Bowl, a college football game. One memory from my youth is spending a sleepless night sitting on the cold sidewalk guarding our front row seats, waiting for the parade to begin.

Here are a small selection of J.J.'s student work:

Hollis C., one of our close friends of school days.

His 3 younger sisters.

Fresh cut rose

Preparation for the Rose Parade

Lights, cameras getting ready

Parade seats for rent

Aloha -- Cathi