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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Redondo Beach Towing to the Rescue!

Aloha Everyone,

There is no such thing as a good accident, but if we had to have one, it was indeed a good accident. One minute my sister and I were talking and laughing as she drove her SUV down the Del Amo Fashion Mall parking ramp. Suddenly, we heard a loud scraping  sound, then the vehicle shook and leaned towards right. My sister kept her grip on the steering wheel. She stopped her SUV in the outdoor parking area and the two of us got out to examine the damages. Both tires on the passenger side were flat.

AAA dispatch response was swift and professional. Cleon Jefferson from Redondo Beach Towing appeared with confidence and reassurance that we are in good hands. Cleon quickly assessed our predicament, used the spare tire to replace the rear tire. As we rode on his towing truck, I asked him how long he had been helping drivers in trouble. He laughed and said only 3 months at this job. Prior job was in the oil industry. Cleon told us that he is a fast learner and hard worker and this combination has helped him advance in his careers.

At Allen Tire Company, we again met a team of professionals working with Art Estrada. While my sister and I took our coffee break, they replaced the two damaged tires, determined that the vehicle did not require immediate wheel balancing, and with smiles they sent us on our way.

The accident did not involve another car. We were  not harmed. Except for the two tires, the car was spared. It happened in a relatively protected environment and the roadside assistance we received were swift and professional. My sister and I discussed that this was indeed a good accident as it could have been a lot worse.

Aloha -- Cathi