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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Dangal, Bollywood Movie

Aloha Everyone,

Our son Jeff is a high school Social Studies teacher. He has started his own tradition of hosting students one Saturday per quarter for pizza and a movie. The students need to obtain written permission from their parents or guardians.  

The first time Jeff began this tradition, the Principal was astonished to learn that over 50 of Jeff’s students would show up to spend about 4 hours in his classroom. His students receive extra credit for showing up. It is also a novel way for students to spend a Saturday evening with their peers.

Jeff carefully chooses one of the popular Bollywood* films.  Bollywood is a commonly used word for movies produced in India. The term combines Bombay and Hollywood.

For today, his choice was Dangal, the highest grossing Indian film. The title is a Hindi word used for wrestling competition. Per my conversation with Jeff, he stated that the film really is about life, family, responsibility, respect, human kindness and relationship all of which his students can relate to even though the story takes place in India.

Aloha -- Cathi