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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Managing an RV Park

Aloha Everyone,

Over casual lunch at Lupita’s, Gail discussed about what it takes to run her Red Ledge RV Park.  

She wears multiple hats: takes care of finance, maintenance, office work, booking clients and paying taxes. When called for, Gail will tackle light repair & construction on her property. As with other tourism related businesses, Gail monitors weather and economic trend that could adversely affect her bottom line.

Prior to getting involved in managing the RV park, Gail has owned and managed other small companies. She told us that running your business means you have to work with no real time limit and put in long hours. Sometimes her phone would ring at midnight. The caller is making a reservation.

Interesting information Gail shared with us is the shifting clientele profile. She used to see snowbirds passing Kanarraville on their way South and again on their return trip North. But now, she is noticing an increase of weekenders. People who like to get away from the heat of Las Vegas, for example, arrive Friday afternoon and stay for a couple of days to enjoy the outdoor activities of hiking or biking. They love making bonfires and sleep in tents.

Gail’s greatest pleasure is planting and gardening. She has been cultivating attractive miniature gardens for herself and for her guests to enjoy.

Aloha -- Cathi