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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Our Granddaughter

 Aloha Everyone,

It seems that days go faster in La Jolla. Our one-week visit is coming to an end and we always seem to run out of time.

Our granddaughter is 11, a 6th grader. She loves her new school and the subjects that are being taught. She has made new friends. She is also in the school’s math team.

Over the decade, we have established deep relationships. The last time we saw each other was two months ago.
When I asked her “So, what’s new in your world?” she has a lot to share. Our granddaughter loves to read.  She always surrounds herself with books which her parents also enjoy reading.  

Aside from hiking, birding, drawing birds and dining out, our granddaughter and I pitched in to prepare zucchini noodles. Using hand crank equipment, the zucchini turns into curly noodles. They are fun to prepare and a wonderful low-carb substitute for spaghetti.

I watched her put finishing touches on the trophy she made with paper towel and toilet rolls which she painstakingly painted and glued together. Such a hand-made gift is priceless.

She worked on a tiny little puzzle which I started with her, but our daughter-in-law took it to the finish line, leaving 3 pieces for our granddaughter to complete.

Our granddaughter also comes up with word problem puzzles using algebraic formulas. Truly, I need to maintain alertness as my brain gets exercised.

Yes, we still engage in pillow fights but now that she has surpassed my height, I have to request her to give me “an elegant attacks” as not to get beaten pitifully. After all I have to maintain my dignity.

At present her favorite quote is:

“Let your smile change the world Don’t let the world change your smile” - No specific author is credited.

Aloha -- Cathi