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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Pour Angelique, Proving the True Story of Oak Island

Aloha Everyone,

There are actually four facts which makes this an interesting reading for me.

1. This book was written by a mathematician. It took him 2 1/2 months from the time he had watched the “Curse of Oak Island” show on the History Channel to research, write and publish. Generally mathematicians are organized and focused. The book was recommended by our son who is also a mathematician.  

2. The mathematician in the book Is a good friend of our son and J.J. and I have met him on several occasions.  

3. Oak Island where this book is based is a tiny island located on the coast of Nova Scotia. While we did not actually go to Oak Island, J.J. had mentioned about the curse and the treasure of Oak Island. J.J. is not a mathematician but he is well-read and a history buff.

4. Some of the photographs used in the book was taken by our daughter-in-law. 

I found the book fascinating reading. At times there are so many names, places, dates and events that I needed a flow chart. No mathematical formulas, but there are lots of factual information. If you would like to stimulate your brain and be entertained, I highly recommend this book.

Aloha -- Cathi