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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Visiting Cousin Ricky in Phoenix

Aloha Everyone,

Among J.J.’s first cousins, Cousin Ricky and J.J. are close. Because they are close in age and were classmates in high school and spent summers at J.J.’s father’s farm, which actually is a 45 acres mango plantation.

It is heartwarming to hear them reminisce their childhood and I enjoy listening to them compare updates on other cousins and their families from different clans.

Farah, Ricky’s wife, had prepared their guest bedroom for our use, but as in our previous visit, J.J. and I hooked up an electrical line from their house and slept in Honu.

Farah is an excellent cook. For breakfast, she made us ginataang mais (coconut milk with corn and a sprinkle of sugar).

Farah also showed me how to remove seeds from pomegranate fruits. Will write a blog when I actually try it myself.

The four of us went to a very popular Filipino restaurant tucked in a strip mall for lunch. Today was my vegetarian day. I enjoyed freshly stir fried vegetables. For dessert, Ricky and J.J. treated themselves to Halo Halo (tropical fruits mix with shaved ice, evaporated milk with ice cream on top).

And for dinner, Farah whipped up a feast consisted of seafood paella, stewed beef and for me, a large healthy fruits and veggie salad, and grilled tofu.

They are truly a special couple and J.J. and I are grateful that we were able to visit them to wrap up an amazing, adventurous year.

Aloha -- Cathi