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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Rattlesnake Warnings

Aloha Everyone,

On my walks around the campground, I have seen at least 3 rattlesnake warning signs. The fact that rattlesnakes are venomous and the young rattlesnakes that have no developed rattles could bite you without warning is alarming.

Sure I am told that you don’t die from a rattlesnake bites but I am not about to personally prove that. Anyway since our arrival, I donned my trusty hiking boots and have been waking on the unmarked trails to take photos, inhale fresh air and yes, hoping to encounter an adult lazy rattlesnake who rather take a sunbathe then coil and strike. If you are interested in learning more about rattlesnake, here is a link:

The campsite has trees where red-headed woodpeckers congregate. There are ducks trying to evade my photographing them. I have seen Blue jays and numerous hawks circling above probably doing better job of spotting rattlesnakes than me. It’s been a joyful stay and with Honu under a canopy of an ancient oak tree, J.J. and I even love the temperature dropping enough for us to bring out our Alpaca blankets at night.

I went out to take a photo of Honu for this blog and ran into Frances and Kent from Wisconsin. J.J. and I had met Fran earlier in the laundry room.  They readily agreed to be in our blog.

Aloha -- Cathi