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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Temecula/Vail Lake KOA

Aloha Everyone,

Temecula/Vail Lake KOA is one of the newest members of Kampgrounds of America. Previously known as Vail Lake Resort, it must have been a beautiful place at the height of its glory. The  grounds are immense. Located in the scenic foothills of Southern California, it spreads across 385 acres. Sometime around March of this year, J.J. and I tried to stay here. However, due to heavy winter rain that inundated Southern California, the only access road to this campground was made impassable.  

Vail Lake’s history goes back to 1948. It was created when the owners of the Vail Cattle Ranch constructed the 132 foot high Vail Lake Dam. The resort was left to decay and deteriorate over the years. Since 1978, Vail Lake Resort has been owned and operated by Rancho California Water District.

Starting January of 2019, the Vail Lake Resort became known as Temecula/Vail Lake KOA Campground. This alliance should be a win-win arrangement with Vail Lake Resort being able to tap into the marketing and image building expertise as well as existing members of  KOA.

The 1,000 plus acre Vail Lake is visible from two of the campground’s promontories. However the small dirt road access is closed. According to a staff member, she mentioned that Rancho California Water District is working with FEMA for road repairs, but the release of funds are slow.

Once the site of a stopover on the historic Butterfield Overland Stage Coach Line, this area is well-known for camping, mountain biking and hiking.

Aloha -- Cathi