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Friday, May 3, 2019

Typos in Our Daily Communication

Aloha Everyone,

Typos in our daily communication are quite common. Some typos are caused by what is referred to as a “fat finger” error. Others are due to auto correct programs that are supposed to catch our spelling mistakes but also results in creating grammatical errors. For example, in one of our more recent blog, possessive pronoun “its” was automatically changed to “it’s”. We don’t always catch them so my apologies to those English language majors who must squirm when you see one.

J.J. alerted me on an interesting article which appeared in Business Insider.

Mizuho Securities Co. of Japan has the notoriety of making one of the most costly typo. In 2005, the typo accidentally listed 610,000 shares of their company at 1 yen apiece, instead of the equivalent $5,041 per share. Apparently, the Tokyo Stock Exchange doesn’t cancel orders even if it was mistake. As a result, Mizuho lost $225 million and caused the Nikkei 225 index to go down by nearly 2% that day.

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Aloha -- Cathi