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Monday, June 15, 2020

Are We Living in a Historical Moment?

Aloha Everyone,

Are we living in a Historical Moment? I posed this question to our son Jeff, a high school history teacher. According to Jeff, for a historian, a period of one generation, 20 years must pass before an event or a person can be written as historical. So within the wide context of history, is the Coronavirus pandemic considered historical?  

What about all time records of high temperatures scorching in Alaska, in Siberia and other parts of the Arctic Circle? Would that be considered historical? Making Juneteenth an official national holiday, defund the police movement, changing traditional mandatory educational systems, are they individually and collectively also historical?

We have seen that history books may be skewed, favoring in one direction depending on who is the author or the publisher. Historical events may also be rewritten as more accurate factual data became available.  

It would be very interesting to see later how today’s event will end up in history books.

Aloha -- Cathi